Who we are

Kenya Anglican Men’s Association (KAMA)

KAMA, the Kenya Anglican Men’s Association, was founded with the purpose of providing a platform for men within the Anglican Church of Kenya to come together in fellowship and serve Christ. Its primary objective is to equip men to fulfill their God-given roles within their families, the church, and the country.

In July 2001, the Provincial KAMA in Kenya received official recognition and the blessings of the Provincial Synod. By that time, almost all dioceses had already established their own local branches of KAMA. Prior to the establishment of KAMA, there was the Father’s Union, which originated in the Diocese of Mt. Kenya South in 1985.

Being a member of KAMA is both a privilege and a responsibility, as it serves as a constant reminder for men to remain steadfast in their faith in Jesus Christ.

About us

The motto of KAMA is derived from Joshua 24:15b: “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” As members of KAMA, it is our duty to refrain from engaging in any form of idol worship, which involves worshiping man-made creations rather than the one true God, our Creator. Instead, our focus should be on worshiping and serving God alone, obeying His commandments, and dedicating ourselves to His service.

The Aims and Objectives of KAMA










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